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All in the Family Farm

Barth Anderson


Larry Schultz Organic Farm of Owatonna, Minnesota, has distinguished itself as one of the Wedge's best friends, supplying free-range, cage-free, certified organic eggs, chickens, and turkeys to the co-op for nearly fifteen years.


It's a true family farm too, as Larry and his wife Cindy have five kids. That next generation is already being indoctrinated. "The older ones help quite a bit - making cartons, stamping dates on egg cartons," says Larry. "Sometimes you'll notice we have two or three stamps on a carton? But you can barely read one?"

A Good Egg

Taste 50: It's the year of the farm, Rick Nelson, 6/3/13

Egg enthusiasts are on a first-name basis with someone they’ve probably never met: Larry Schultz. His Owatonna, Minn., farm is the source of remarkably steady stream of organic, free-range eggs. Their ever-increasing popularity is easily explained. “It’s the taste factor,” said Tom Vogel, marketing manager of the Seward Co-op, which has been stocking Schultz’s beautiful brown eggs for more than a decade. “Larry’s eggs are nothing like conventional eggs. It’s the size, it’s the texture, it’s the color and, foremost, it’s the taste. We sell a lot of Larry Schultz eggs. A lot.”

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