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Schultz Organic Select Foods

Ordering Guidelines  


3510 Park Drive - Owatonna, MN 55060

Phone 507-455-9362 - Fax 507-455-0888


By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to the following guidelines:


Placing an order:

  1. Enter your name in the first row of the “Weekly Order Sheet” under the first open number.

  2. Enter the desired product in the column labeled “product description”. (Please check to make sure no one else has entered the same product.) Use the full name of the product from the “Weekly Pricelist” along with the brand/manufacturer (if applicable).

  3. Enter the full case price to the immediate right of the “product description”.

  4. Enter the quantity desired in the corresponding box to the right of the product and below your name. (Please use the following for quantities:  “.25”=¼ case, “.5”=½ case, “.75”=¾ case, and “whole”=full case)

  5. Orders must be placed in no less than ¼ case quantities, thus you pay ¼ of the full case price, unless it is an item sold by the each.

Orders are to be placed by 12 pm (noon) on Mondays.  At that time, the order sheet will be closed. Any changes after the order sheet is closed must be made by calling the office at (507)455-9362.

Once the order is placed, you will be responsible for the items ordered and invoiced accordingly.

Please know that if there is not enough interest to fill a full case of a product, it may not be ordered.  Therefore, if you see a partial unit order, consider helping fill to complete the case.

Please be flexible as the amounts and prices can change slightly. We will communicate any changes as we are aware of them to the best of our ability.

Pick up time is on Thursdays between 8am and 5pm at the SOS Foods Office unless other arrangements are made.  You are still responsible for any food not picked up – We will donate anything not picked up or pre-arranged after 2pm on Friday.

All invoices are due upon receipt. Our preferred payment methods are Cash or Check.

If you have trouble entering your order or have questions, contact the office:, or (507)455-9362


If you wish to be removed from the club and email list, please email, using the subject line

“Remove me from the club”, and allow 2 weeks for the removal to take effect.


Because we are a new and growing company, know that these guidelines may change as we grow.  We will communicate any changes to our members as soon as possible



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